Still Beautiful Tourist Attractions in the Bromo Region

Still Beautiful Tourist Attractions in the Bromo Region

Still Beautiful Tourist Attractions in the Bromo Region: Irreplaceable Natural Beauty

The Bromo region, located in East Java is a paradise for nature lovers and adventurers. Known for its stunning natural charm, this region offers stunning views of volcanoes, seas of sand and green expanses. However, amidst the rapid growth of tourism, there are still places that have maintained their beauty, offering unforgettable tourist experiences for those who seek them.

Still Beautiful Tourist Attractions in the Bromo Region

As a nature fan, you will definitely want to explore the beauty of Bromo without too much hassle or crowds. Here are a number of beautiful tourist attractions in the Bromo area that you must visit.

Ngadisari Village: Entrance to Tranquil Bromo

Ngadisari is a small village located close to the Bromo area. Here, you will feel a peaceful and calm rural atmosphere. This village is the main entrance to Mount Bromo, but still maintains its authentic charm. You can walk through agricultural fields, interact with local residents, and enjoy the natural beauty that is still preserved.

Teletubbies Hill Savana: A Hidden Green Paradise

The Teletubbies Hill savanna, located at an altitude of around 2,200 meters above sea level, is one of Bromo’s best kept secrets. Famously known as “Teletubbies” for its landscape reminiscent of the children’s television series, this savanna offers vast green grasslands, colorful flower beds and incredible views of Mount Bromo in the background. You can take a walk on this hill while enjoying the unspoiled natural beauty.

Kingkong Hill: A Tempting and Unforgettable View

Kingkong Hill is one of the perfect places to enjoy the beautiful sunrise on Bromo. Located not too far from the more famous Mount Penanjakan, this hill offers views that are no less interesting. You’ll feel as if you’re standing on top of the world, with sweeping views of the sea of sand and towering mountains. The uniqueness of this place is the presence of two large rocks that are similar to King Kong’s ears, giving this hill its name.

Cemorolawang Village: A Quiet Place to Rest

Cemorolawang is another village located in the Bromo area, and although it is quite close to the main tourist attractions, it still offers the calm and coolness you are looking for. You can explore this village on foot, meet friendly local residents, and taste traditional Javanese culinary delights. This village also offers spectacular views of Bromo from different angles.

Bromo Crater: Irreplaceable Original Beauty

Of course, nothing can beat the original natural beauty of Bromo Crater. Despite its popularity, you can still find moments of silence while exploring the crater at less busy times. Enjoy the stunning view of the sunrise, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy the sensation of being in the midst of nature untouched by modern development.

On your trip to Bromo, remember to preserve nature and respect local culture. In this way, we can ensure that the beautiful tourist attractions in the Bromo area will remain sustainable and can be enjoyed by future generations. Enjoy exploring this natural wonder and experiencing the peace that can only be found on Bromo.

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