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Welcome to Indonesia Exotic Tour


Indonesia Exotic tour was founded by  Indonesian local  Guide who has been working more then 20 years in the field.  He has visited many  remote islands in Indonesia. His dream is to make Indonesia Exotic tour as Indonesian  encyclopedia, His way  to share his long experience, his passion and his knowledge   and to promote all tourist destinations in Indonesia.

Based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia Exotic tour can organize trip in around Yogyakarta city and Cultural heritage in Central Java then continue to beautifull  Bromo and Kawah Ijen in east Java. With Indonesia Exotic Tour You can visit others islands  in Indonesian archipelago.

Indonesia Exotic tour propose the costumize tour for privat and Group.   You will  be all free to have a quotation. You need just a minuts  and  give your  detail of  your trip, how many days, destination where you want to go,  your  interest,  your  love activities, what kind of accommodation  and one of the most important aspect if you can give the row budget tour. You will have fast respon normaly less then 24h delay.

If You will come to Indonesia and want  to visit the hidden gems where not many tourist come, hike in the beautifull national parc, terraced rice fields and the village. Indonesia Exotic tour  has  the main goal is to make you in contact with the local people and immerge in the local life.

Your dream will come true.


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